Between town and country



Innsbruck is the capital city of Tyrol. It is a big city when it comes to transport links – it has its own airport, main and west train stations – also when it comes to hospitality, with the numerous restaurants, bars and Cafés in the centre of Innsbruck. Sightseeing in Innsbruck can be compared to London or Paris: museums, galleries and various places of interest, like the Hofburg or the Golden roof await you. At the same time Innsbruck is situated in the countryside: The surrounding landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Your eyes are drawn upwards and remain focused on the slopes of the Nordkette, which majestically overlook the whole city. The Patscherkofel is on the southern side of the valley. Wherever you are in Innsbruck: The countryside is only a few steps away. Explore the land surrounding Innsbruck and the Tyrolean mountains.


In Innsbruck, out in the country means up in the Tyrolean mountains. Go on foot or by bike into the middle of the countryside.


The snow covered peaks are seemingly within touching distance. Innsbruck is the only city with a direct link to a ski resort.

Places of interest in Innsbruck


Virtually no other city in Austria has so many places of interest to offer in such a small area!
A walk through the old town is like taking a step back in time.

The golden roof

Everyone wants to see it: The golden roof has become the landmark of the old town. 2657 fire-gilded copper shingles decorate the roof in the centre of the city


They stand their eerily in black. In the imperial court church in Innsbruck 28 “Schwarze Mander” keep watch over the tomb of King Maximillian

The Hofburg

The Hofburg was the Hapsburg’s residence and government building for over 500 years. King Maximillian I had the building turned into a magnificent palace.

The Ferdinandeum

The Tyrolean museum is dedicated to the region: Findings from Roman times along with works of art and pieces of art from modern times make the Ferdinandeum the “memory of Tyrol”.

The Alpenzoo

Out in the open the marmots and eagles are too far away to get a good look at them. In the Alpenzoo you can get to know the flora and fauna.

The Bergisel ski jump

Those that have stood at the top of the jump can feel it: The ski jumpers fly towards the city. This architectural landmark is definitely worth a visit.

The Schloss Ambras

The castle was once the residence of Archduke Ferdinand II – after the death of his wife it became the centre of his collections and therefore the world’s first museum.

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